Monday, September 21, 2009

Photo of the Day September 17th

With our weekend away in the Ottawa area just around the corner, today was filled with packing, house-cleaning, last minute errands, and horseradish making. I've never made horseradish before (I rarely ever eat it) but when I got my hands on a couple of horseradish roots that were bound for a compostor without my intervention, I couldn't resist. Everything I read warned that we needed to exercise utmost caution when making horseradish, since the oils and fumes can bring a grown man to tears if they get in your eyes... so we decided to bring everything out on the back porch and break out the rubber gloves. Chris did the lion's share of the work and we're pretty pleased with the results considering it's a first-time attempt, but are wondering why it's more tan in colour than most of the horseradishes we've seen. Any comments or ideas would be welcome!
Having read about ten online recipes for homemade horseradish, I settled on this one from "The Garden of Eating" because of it's clear writing and excellent photos - thanks to blogger Eve Fox for the post!

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