Monday, September 7, 2009

Photo(s) of the Day September 7th

Sophie poses with the Pilot of an OPP Helicopter that landed at Family Day part way through the festivities

A member of Wellington Counties Mounted Unit poses with her horse

Sophie showing us her driving skills on an ATV

The Golden Helmets' Motorcycles wait for their riders
Today was Family Day at the OPP Communications Centre here in London, and since police services are sort of the "family business" Chris, Sophie, I, and our nephew Brandon spent the morning and part of the afternoon taking part in the festivities. It was quite the big event, with many departments within the organization doing demonstrations and showcasing their equipment. We watched the Tactics and Rescue Unit both climb up the outside of and repel down a six-storey building, met horses and riders from the Wellington County Mounted Unit, and shared some face time with a dog from the Canine Unit. The equipment displays from each department were fascinating, and included protective gear from the Explosives Disposal Unit along with their bomb-detonating robot, Hazmat suits and breathing apparatuses from the OPP's Drug Enforcement Section, and armoured vehicles from Bruce Nuclear Power's Reaction Force. The highlight of the day for most of us was the demonstration by the Golden Helmets, the OPP's precision motorcycle team. At both high and low speeds the intricate maneuvers this team performed were impressive, and were a great way to celebrate the hard work done by so many members of the OPP family - including my husband and sister-in-law. Thanks guys!

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