Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photo of the Day October 15th

I'm in the fortunate position that my hairdresser Erin is also a good friend and a girl with exceptional talent with dyes and scissors, so going for an appointment at Jaz is always something to look forward to. I spent a couple of hours "in the chair" this morning chatting with Erin about her upcoming marathon (which she'll be running at Disney World in Florida - how cool is that?!?!) and all the goings-on in my life. By the end of our visit I had about four new colours highlighting my hair, all of which were inspired by the changing leaves (and no, none of them are green) and a date for the two of us to get together at my place for some card-making. Nice that it will be sooner than my normal two... or three... or four months between appointments that we'll be seeing each other!
Another mentionable event from today: in preparation for our upcoming family vacation we decided to get Sophie her Hepatitis A immunization... since my third and final Hep A booster is due and Chris needed one as well, we decided to make a family trip to the London Travel Clinic. Okay, so not the most exciting of family outings, but a necessary one none-the-less. You can see why I chose not to make a "photo of the day" out of it, and snapped a picture of me and Erin instead!

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