Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photo of the Day October 6th

I've been a fan of the Food Network since the first time I clicked on over to it's non-stop Chef-y goodness, and had been thinking about taking part in their monthly Cooking Club Challenge for quite a while now. Last month I decided that whatever came up this month I would do it, just for the experience... and several days ago they announced that the October Challenge would be Italian Meatloaf in the slow cooker. I found this amusing for a couple of reasons... I've followed the Cooking Club Challenges for the last few months (Chuck Hughes Ice Cream Sandwiches! Anna Olson's banana bread!) and my mouth has been watering thinking of what sinfully delicious dessert I might find myself making. Then there's the little fact that I'm a vegetarian. Ironic, no? But I had committed myself, and so ground beef and ground pork in hand I began my first-ever meatloaf experiment. While I wasn't able to taste the results myself my husband assured me that it was absolutely wonderful; "melt-in-your-mouth tender" were his exact words. Not bad for a first attempt!


  1. So, what is the challenge part of this? Just making it is a challenge or are you challenged to use their recipe? For you of course the challenge was cooking something you couldn't taste even along the way to check for seasoning. It looks quite wonderful, I might add.

  2. Whenever I post a note here, it refuses to let it go through without haveing to type in a code word. What I find it that sometimes the code word is close to a real word and many times it is apropos to what the subject of your daily blog is. However, today's made me think that you should not eat your meatloaf if you left it out on the counter over night. The code word was: toximin.