Friday, October 23, 2009

Photo of the Day October 23rd

Well, today's weather officially sucked rocks. My ability to handle bad weather gracefully can be connected directly with my overall health, and since I've been fighting a very sore throat and what feel like slowly plugging ears for the past day or so... let's just say my patience for cold, grey and windy was very low. While I'm thrilled that Sophie's in JK and loving it, and I'm so grateful to live close enough to Sophie's school to walk there every day, and I highly value the fact that I'm home with her to be the one to walk her to and from school - I would have preferred to skip out on the whole thing today. There's nothing quite like walking three blocks desperately trying to keep yourself, a 2-year-old (I had Rowan over today), and a bag with Sophie's heavier coat and mitts dry while the wind practically rips your one sorry little umbrella away and wet leaves hit you in the face every two minutes. Don't even get me started on how much fun the whole thing is when you add a grumpy 4-year-old to the mix and try to walk another three blocks while she yells about having a runny nose but refuses to use any of your kleenex because "they're wet!!!" (the pelting rain was soaking the kleenex the second I took it from my pocket). When we finally arrived home after what seemed like an epic journey, we were so wet I had to strip everyone down in the kitchen, ring out my coat (because really, with two umbrellas + me and two children who do you think went without an umbrella??), and throw everyone's coats in the dryer for an hour. Thankfully after a proper nose wipe for Sophie (with a dry kleenex of course) and getting everyone into dry clothes, we were able to warm up with cups of hot chocolate... but the reward at the end didn't quite make up for the stress of getting there for me. Chalk this one up to one of my least favourite photos of the day so far.

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  1. Time heals all wounds, even if they are only mental ones caused by cold wet rain. Soon, you will be telling other mothers about your slog through the fog and laughing hysterically about it all.