Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photo of the Day October 21st

Tomorrow is going to be a VERY exciting day for a certain young lady in my life... the Wiggles are coming to London for a concert, and thanks to a pre-sale notification we received several months ago we have two tickets in the eleventh row of the floor seats. In less than 24 hours Sophie and Chris will be singing along with songs like "Hot Potato" and "Big Red Car", dancing with Dorothy the Dinosaur, and yelling "Wake Up Jeff!!!" with the best of them. In preparation for the concert tomorrow we went out and bought a toy dog bone for Wags the Dog, a rose for Dorothy to make her 'rosy tea' with, and a new children's board book to donate to the Wiggles Reach Out and Read program... Sophie was very excited to show off some of those goodies as we gathered them up to be prepared for the morning!

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