Monday, October 26, 2009

Photo(s) of the Day October 26th

Red, green, gold and orange... the colours of autumn in Ivy Park.
My favourite model, showing off her lovely maple leaf hair accessory.
Today was the type of day that reminds me how much I love autumn... clear skies, shining sun, brilliantly coloured leaves and the sound of crunching under your feet. After spending the better part of the morning and afternoon with me at the computer working on a newsletter, Chris and I decided to enjoy a family outing at Ivy Park while there was still some day left to enjoy. We walked through the park, across the foot bridge and then down by the water before coming across a small playground and community garden that caught Sophie's interest. Playtime on the slides and swings followed by a look at how brussel sprouts grow rounded out our afternoon... the perfect way to enjoy the colour (and bounty) of the season.

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