Sunday, October 25, 2009

Photo of the Day October 25th

Happy Birthday (*takes a deep breath*) Brandon, Shirley, Dorothy, Jacob and Bev!
A slice of cake and jello (?) from the communal birthday celebration
This afternoon we got together with much of Chris's family for a celebratory lunch, as so many members of the clan have birthdays during the month of October. Rather than try and fit our party of 17 (!!!) guests around someones dinner table we opted to have lunch at the Mandarin before heading back to Mary's house for a visit. No fussing over who brings what, no catering to special dietary needs (says the vegetarian), and no cleanup afterwards - it worked out quite well. The post-meal visit at Mary's was a great way for the adults to catch up since it was nearly impossible to have a conversation with someone seated at the other end of the very long restaurant table, and gave the kids a chance to burn off some steam with a couple games of hide & seek. A great afternoon celebrating the birthdays of some equally great people... happy birthday all!

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