Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photo of the Day October 28th

Sophie's been anxious to start carving our pumpkins since we picked them up about a week ago, and we decided that it's officially close enough to Halloween to get started on them today. She was pretty disappointed to find out it wasn't as simple as just drawing a design and cutting it out - quite a bit of the charm of pumpkin carving went out the window when I suggested she reach inside one of the pumpkins to pull out and help me separate the seeds and flesh. She agreed to at least pick off any of the seeds that remained stuck to the "roof" of the pumpkin, and after about an hour of scraping and sorting we were finally ready to design our first Jack 'O Lantern of the year. Sophie drew the basic face outline for me to carve, and then decided that it needed a cobweb design on the side. I carved the main lines and left her to design the way they should connect... I think based on all the little lines I see here I might be up half the night trying to bring her little drawing to life! With an entire colander full of pumpkin seeds to roast and her Halloween costume still to hem I was really hoping to have my hands pumpkin-free for part of the evening - we'll see how it goes.

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