Monday, October 5, 2009

Photo of the Day October 2nd

When we got together with Chris's family for dinner to celebrate his birthday last week, Sophie asked her cousin Courtney if they could "schedule a play date" (yes, those were Sophie's actual words) at the Children's Museum, and Courtney said yes. Today was the big day, so shortly after lunch Chris took them both down to the museum for an afternoon of fun. The London Regional Children's Museum is a great place for kids to discover new things, play and learn, and is our default go-to spot on rainy days when we're feeling cabin fever from being stuck inside. Sophie and Courtney had a blast, and were all smiles when I picked them up a couple of hours later... apparently while they were there Sophie scheduled another play date with Courtney, this time at KidScape... I may have to buy her an appointment book of her own if this keeps up!

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