Friday, October 23, 2009

Photo of the Day October 22nd

Today's photo-of-the-Day is courtesy of Sophie, who took this picture at the Wiggles concert using her own Little Tykes camera...
Today was the big day for Sophie and Chris... a daddy/daughter date to see the Wiggles live in concert! The show was apparently very well done, with lots of creative backgrounds and props, gymnastics routines worked into many of the numbers, and a whole lot of singing. The seats they had were excellent, and Sophie even ventured into what Chris called the "mini mosh pit" of kids dancing in front of the stage for a couple of songs... brave girl, hitting the mosh pit at her first concert experience! As you saw in yesterday's photo-of-the-day we had prepared a few things for Sophie to take with her to the show - a rose for Dorothy the Dinosaur, a stuffed bone for Wags the Dog, and a book to donate to the Reach Out and Read program. Sophie's only disappointed was that she wanted to give her donations to the Wiggles (and Dorothy & Wags) themselves, but it was one of the Wiggly Dancers who came around to collect them. I was pleased to find out that the Wiggles donate all the bones that are brought to concerts for Wags to the Humane Society in whichever city they're visiting - it's nice to know that someone furry will get use from them. It was a day full of Wiggly fun to be sure!

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