Saturday, October 24, 2009

Photo of the Day October 24th

Despite still being under-the-weather and with rain making a frequent appearance, I had a much better experience with trips out of the house today. This morning I attended a GI Cancer Fundraiser at King's University College, and spent several hours hanging around with a lively group of women making cards and other Christmas-themed paper crafts while supporting cancer research... a great, creative way to start the day while raising money for an important cause. Sophie had her dance/gymnastics class in the early afternoon and then after dropping Daddy off at work she and I spent a couple of hours just poking around some of her favourite stores on Wellington Road. We visited the fish and turtles at Big Al's Aquarium, wandered over to Starbucks for milk and a cookie for Sophie and a coffee for me, then played with the train set and read some books at Chapters for a while before heading home to make dinner. It was nice... no stress, working umbrellas, and no whining (not even by me). Now that we're settled in at home the day has caught up to both of us and barely a minute goes by without either Sophie or I yawning... I think we'll be soundly sleeping hours before Chris makes it home from work.

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