Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photo of the Day October 17th

Off to the Farmer's Market again, and we certainly brought home a great stash of fruit today! The season for berries is sadly behind us, but Ontario apples are everywhere and there are a few imported pomegranates and citrus fruits showing up at the market now too. While I favour local produce whenever possible, there are times when it's really necessary to buy from further afield for certain recipes... and both lemons and oranges are a pretty essential part of making marmalade, which is on my "old-fashioned down-home cooking to make" list. This is the week I'm learning how to make jam and preserves, and with my marmalade and plum jam shopping list in hand I was truly excited about buying lemons (which may have been a first, as I'm not one for lemon-aid and have never made a lemon meringue pie). Here's to a happy week of cooking ahead!


  1. Summer I love most of your photographs and all of your writing in your blod, but this shot makes me offer some advice. Next time polish the apples, move the bowl to a place where you can get natural light so the flash point doesn't show and spritz the fruit with an atomizer filled with water. While the fruit looked good, it will look yummy if you shoot it that way.

  2. Listen to you, food stylist! Good advice... I have to admit that this shot was very hurried and not thought-out. Next time - more prep!