Monday, August 10, 2009

Photo of the Day August 10th

With Mary and the kids off in what I'm sure is the intense heat of Florida, we've enjoyed a house guest for the week: Courtney's fish "Bloo". It's been a neat experiment, as we've put Sophie in charge of Bloo's general health and safety. His (her?) bowl sits on the bookcase in Sophie's room and she crawls up on her stool every morning and evening to feed the fish, and checks on it's well-being periodically throughout the day. While Courtney assured me we didn't need to worry about cleaning Bloo's bowl, Sophie wants only the best for our little fishy friend so we've cleaned it twice already. I suspect part of the draw for Sophie is watching Bloo try his hardest to get away while I chase him around the bowl with the little fish net - she thinks that's pretty hysterical. I wonder how long it will be before Sophie's asking for a fish of her very own?


  1. Bloo is a pretty little fishy. However, if Gabby or George find out about him/her Bloo will not only be Blue but Goo! Hope he/she is in a safe place away from ladders.


  2. Ha ha ha! After Georgie's display of climbing talent on IM the other day, I think perhaps nowhere in the house is all that safe... but she's never tried to get up on Sophie's bookcase, so that's where we're (hopefully safely) keeping Bloo.