Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photo of the Day August 26th

Chris and Sophie enjoyed a special Daddy-Daughter "date" this morning, taking a ride on the double-decker bus and doing some sight seeing around London. The bus travels first through downtown London, then out to the east end of the city and around the Western Fair grounds. From there it heads west to Springbank Park, stops for 20 minutes at Storybook Gardens, drives through Byron and makes its way towards the University of Western Ontario via several twists and turns through the west end of the city. The ride ends back downtown about 2 hours later and is a nice way to get a quick feel for the city from a good, high vantage point. Unfortunately Chris and Sophie had a rather rainy morning for this little outing, so they didn't get very many good photos... but Chris was creative and captured this image from their bus "admission" tickets.

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