Sunday, August 30, 2009

Photo of the Day August 28th

Today's photo represents the turning over of a new leaf... I've finally joined a gym, and I'm proud to say I've gone four times a week since activating my membership three weeks ago. I know it takes six weeks of repetitive behaviour before I can say I've developed a "habit", but I'm at least half way there and feeling good about it. Finding the time to go to the gym has been made easier by the fact that they offer childcare, so on mornings when Chris is either at work or sleeping and I don't have Rhys or Rowan coming over, Sophie and I head for the gym. She plays with the other kids while I work out, and when I pick her up we often either go swimming in the gym's salt water pool together or split a fruit smoothie... it's quite the treat either way. I'm hoping that these trips to the gym combined with some positive changes to my eating habits will help me end 2009 a healthier person than I began it - wish me luck!


  1. This picture and your comments above make me realize how wonderful it is to have you doing this. I love seeing you in person, I love our video IM chats, I love trading ideas over email, but this is like being able to open an evolving scrapbook one page at a time. Thanks, Summer.

  2. Geez... thanks *so* much for your comment. What great inspiration to keep it up!