Thursday, August 6, 2009

Photo of the Day August 5th

Time to head home again... and we're making the most of our drive by making stops along the way so we enjoy the trip rather than just hurrying to our destination. Instead of heading south out of Beaverton we decided to head north into Orillia so we could go to the OPP's General Headquarters and tour the museum, hit the "Off Duty Shopp" and grab some lunch at "The Stakeout", GHQ's in-house restaurant/cafeteria. The museum has been updated for the OPP's recent 100th anniversary so there were lots of new exhibits to see since our last visit, and Sophie loved colouring in all sorts of police-inspired pictures (the OPP helicopter! Police Dogs!) while we wandered around. That stop combined with popping into markets for veggies and picking up wild blueberries made the trip home a nice one, helping the 4+ hours go by much faster.

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