Thursday, August 6, 2009

Photo of the Day August 4th

Day three in Beaverton, and a tradition continues...
Whenever my family gets together our shared love of card and board games often appears - it's long been a tradition that "the girls" spend at least a couple of hours playing games one evening while the boys head to Unca Wayne's basement bar for a beer (or two), some interesting conversation, and whatever game happens to be on television. While we're well-versed in several games (and willing to try pretty much anything that comes our way) one of our group favourites is Scattergories... this evening we spent a while at the table trying to outdo each other with our crazy alphabet inspired answers (I came in second behind my cousin Sandy, as usual). After Scattergories part of our group had to leave, but Sandy and I stuck around to beat our moms in Euchre... which meant that this evening was my version of a pretty-much perfect games night. Go girls!

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  1. It's all da goils in da one room! Fantastic! Sounds like you had a blast. I haven't played Euchre in so long I it's ridiculous. What fun.