Sunday, August 9, 2009

Photo of the Day August 7th

Well this afternoon was extra-super-duper fun for Sophie... after a busy morning running errands I took her to The Toy Shoppe of London and let her loose with her birthday money. It's such a great store, with what feels like a hundred nooks and crannies full of interesting toys, fantastic staff, and lots of samples for the kids to get hands-on experience before you purchase something. We can spend hours in there - in fact, we did spend more than an hour there this afternoon before Sophie settled on her toys of choice. We came home with a set of 40 plastic glow-in-the-dark stars with repositionable adhesive to decorate her ceiling, the Wild Republic Bingo game (with a battery operated "caller" that makes animal sounds - you have to find the corresponding animal on your bingo card) and the fancy folks you see above. Complete with a circus ring you can rotate using a small hand crank, the Playmobil Horse Dressage set has been well used already - she especially likes to line up the horses one behind the other and send them "on parade".

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  1. haha playmobile i remember these toys. good times