Friday, August 14, 2009

Photo of the Day August 13th

So you already know I'm an avid reader, but my thirst for the printed word goes well beyond books... I'm also a bit of a magazine junkie. I'm especially fond of what publishers call "lifestyle" magazines: those heavy, glossy tomes full of beautifully-shot beach houses, cocktail recipes, amazingly landscaped gardens, hostessing tips and "food porn". Anything set in Maine automatically attracts my attention, as does the sight of gingham ribbon, seafood recipes listed on the front cover, or the mention of farmer's markets in an article's title. Needless to say I read Martha Stewart Living, and in the past year or so have been enjoying Country Living magazine as well... all you need to do is add Food & Drink magazine (from the LCBO) and you have my holy trinity of front porch reading fare. That makes today a great day: I picked up August's Martha Stewart Living last night at the grocery store and received the September Country Living in the mail today, along with the City of London "Spectrum" magazine. Spectrum is the complete program listing for classes being offered through our Parks & Recreation department, and when it comes out twice a year I pour over it choosing classes for Sophie to attend. There are always far more classes that appeal to me than we have the time or money for, but Sophie's enjoyed everything from ballet to craft classes in the past so I'm excited to see what's available in this issue. The only thing left: to plug in the kettle and make a cup of tea, then find a few quiet minutes so I can enjoy all this reading!

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