Sunday, August 30, 2009

Photo of the Day August 29th

I went with my friend Cheryl to see the movie "Julie and Julia" last night, and has it ever put me in the mood to cook something! I think next week I'll make Boeuf Bourguignon (proof of the power of this cooking urge: I'm a vegetarian after all), but for now it's off to the market to pick up the ingredients for broccoli cheeseItalic soup and peach tart. I rave weekly about our trips to the market so I'll try not to repeat my general "local produce is so good! The growers and sellers are so great!" and instead focus on one shop within the market I visit weekly - Jantzi's Cheese. There's often a lineup at the counter, but you're rewarded for your patience when you reach the front and get to their selection of delicious local cheeses (and a few imported favourites). Jantzi's specializes in extra old cheddar, so if you're a fan of deeply flavourful aged cheeses this is definitely the place for you. This week Rick packed me up a grated six-cheese blend (which included some of that extra-old cheddar and will be excellent for that cheese soup), our favourite hot pepper brick, and a block of Greek-style feta. I can't wait to start enjoying them in some of the recipes we've got planned for this week!


  1. And what better way to "Say Cheese!" for a photo op than in front of a counter full of the stuff! For some reason the people of Quebec seem to like very mild cheese. You can find that anywhere, but old and very old cheese is found only if you look. But when you find it, it is yummy! Your soup sound cheesalicious.

  2. Oh yes - Cheese and "cheese!"...

    Funny about Quebec and mild cheese, since there are so many producers of cheese in the Province I would have thought the full variety of older cheeses would have been common.

  3. Oh they are there, I mean OKA etc. make great cheeses, but the everyday cheese on the shelf seems to be mostly mild. Go figure. However, if you go to the Jean Talon Market or the Atwater Market my guess is they would say, "Le fromage doux! Tabernac! Il est le fromage de prolétaires."

  4. Aaah Tabernac! You just don't hear that particular brand of colourful language around these parts...

    Can you confirm my understanding of "prolétaires" in the last sentence? It's the cheese of the...???