Friday, August 14, 2009

Photo of the Day August 14th

We seem to have Disney on the brain around here today. It's the result of two recent events: Mary, Courtney and Brandon returning from Florida (bringing Sophie a couple of awesome Disney souvenirs) and several advertisements we've seen recently for Playhouse Disney Live on tour. As soon as these commercials started appearing she began asking if we could go see it, so I checked whether the show will be coming to our area. It turns out that Mickey and the gang will be playing the John Labatt Centre at the end of January and the show was almost sold out already, so I splurged and bought two tickets. I don't know what sort of sixth sense Sophie was born with, but she walked into the room while I was on hold with the JLC box office, and since I wanted the tickets to be a Christmas present I told her that "mommy needed privacy for a few minutes" and asked her to leave the room until I was done on the phone. Her response? "I know what yoo-ooo-ouu-uuu-u're doing... it's Disney li-iii-iii-ive!" (you really must imagine her drawing out these syllables in sing-song fashion). I denied it of course, but was left both shocked and amused at her deduction skills - I checked to make sure I didn't have anything up on the computer screen that would have given it away and I didn't... I have no idea how she came to her (completely correct) conclusion. So between that and thinking about her Aunt and Cousin's trip, for the past two days the "Mouse" has certainly been in the house. It culminated today with Sophie's desire to dress up her Mr. Potato Heads in vacation attire and have us play out their vacation to Disney World in Florida, complete with getting spit on by the camel during their ride on Aladdin's Magic Carpet. I wonder if this will last all the way through Christmas when I finally confirm that she's going to the show?

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  1. Think back... way baaaack! It seems to me you, my dear, had some pretty good ears and some amazing intuition yourself. (The following is said witn\h a Southern accent, "You certainly weren't no Mr. Pot ata hayd!"