Sunday, August 23, 2009

Photo of the Day August 23rd

Sophie laying on the bed of the "gondola" enjoying her ride across the playground
We wrapped up our busy weekend with a nice, relaxing picnic supper this evening. Once Chris got home from work we packed a cooler with some fresh veggies, cold meats, salmon salad wraps, crackers and cheese and set off for Greenway Park with a blanket in hand. In addition to some lovely walking and biking trails and an off-leash dog park, Greenway also has a waterfront area with lots of ducks to look at, and a Saturn playground - it made for a great place to enjoy our picnic and then burn off some last-minute energy before bed time. Sophie's personal favourite was the gondola-style wooden raft that could be "driven" from one part of the climbers to another using hand cranks... she would climb onto it every few minutes and call out "Mommy's turn!" or "Daddy's turn!" to let us know who she thought should be in charge of the hand crank to whisk her to the other side. The girls' got a future in management, I'm telling you.

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