Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photo of the Day August 18th

Sophie decided that she needed a "Unicorn Home" this morning, so after a quick look through our linen cupboard I found a large sheet to create the perfect cubby space under our dining room table. She and Rowan spent a large part of the morning under there, bringing in new toys to play with, bumping their heads, and jumping out to "surprise" Chris and I when we walked through pretending to wonder where the kids had gone. I have the feeling that sheet would have stayed on our dining room table all day if it weren't for needing the space to serve lunch!

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  1. Perhaps you should buy a sofa or a fridge or some other big appliance whose box you can make into a fort. I remember the one I built for you in Dorchester. You and Patti spent hours and hours in it. It was up for months before it bit the dust.