Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photo of the Day August 20th

Sophie pulled out what she calls her "magic markers" this morning - they're Crayola Colour Wonder markers, which look clear but when applied to the proper paper actually show up in an assortment of rainbow colours. Very cool, and with them she drew this picture of what she described as "a friendly little moose"... I thought it was so cute that I asked her permission to cut it out of her little sketch book and put it in my wallet. I told her I wanted to keep it with me so I could look at it when we weren't together and think of her, and she was so thrilled that she insisted on posing with her very important piece of art before I was allowed to put it away. There you have it: portrait of an artist, age 4.
On a non-photo-related note, what strange weather we've had today! Threatening clouds for most of the afternoon followed by about an hour of violent storming... the rain was falling so fast that it not only made it impossible to even see across the street, but that the sewers couldn't possibly take it all in fast enough - the water flooded up over the sidewalks and across our yard in a matter of minutes! And now for the really strange part, not more than an hour later and the skies are blue, birds are singing, and if it weren't for the puddles of water on my porch and a potted morning glory that toppled because of the wind you would never know we had rain today. I guess I can go around the house blowing out the candles I had lit when I was positive that we would be loosing our power at any moment!

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