Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photo of the Day August 17th

Sophie attended a birthday party at The Little Gym last month, and had such a wonderful time practicing on all the equipment and being cheered on by the Gym staff that she's been asking to go back ever since. I was pretty impressed too, both with the amenities of the facility and with the Gym's focus on gross motor skill development, which is something we've been working with Sophie to strengthen. So this evening we took in one of their free "introductory classes" and Sophie participated in the Giggle Toes Dance & Gymnastics program. The class starts in the dance studio with 15 minutes of tap followed by 15 minutes of ballet before the kids move across the hall for a half hour of gymnastics. She certainly had fun, and we had fun watching her - especially when the teachers had her trying things that neither Chris or I would have thought she could do (like the assisted feet-over-head spin she did on the uneven bars!) We tried the class at just the right time I think, because the summer semester is almost done... we were able to sign Sophie up for the last three sessions at a very reduced rate, which will give us the chance to see how she does in the classes before deciding to commit to the much more expensive Fall Semester.

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