Saturday, August 1, 2009

Photo of the Day August 1st

Oh, I can't believe it's August already. When we were at Tecumseh yesterday playing with the kids I had the sudden realization that in less than five weeks Sophie will start JK there... it's shocking how quickly the summer has gone! Most of today was taken up with preparations for our upcoming (and long overdue) trip to Beaverton... we went to the market for the supplies needed to make pulled pork on a bun for a family dinner on Sunday night and then hit the drug store, grocery store, and pet store before running two final (fun) errands. The first was to Max and Oskars, the place where Sophie gets her hair cut, where she enjoyed a Dora the Explorer DVD as she got her bangs trimmed. We topped the visit off by getting some colour streaks in her hair (one orange, one pink) as a special treat - she's very excited to show them to Grandma. Then just before heading home we stopped at the London Ice Cream Company for a 2L tub of one of their home-made ice creams, which will be making the long trek to Beaverton as well. We've become the first "ice cream couriers" that I've heard of - this is the second time we've hand-delivered London Ice Cream Company tubs out of town (last time to satisfy the craving of a very pregnant friend in Bowmanville Ontario). Well travelled ice cream is our specialty it seems!

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  1. We never had haircutting places like this. If it wasn't a bowl on your head, you had to go to a barber who tried to make you look like either an old man or someone in the military! Now, of course I don't have enough hair to worry about it. Sometimes I miss the bad old days. LOL