Saturday, August 1, 2009

Photo of the Day July 30th

Another sunny day - two in a row, is that some sort of record? Unfortunately playing out in the yard is off the agenda for today, as the folks from Union Gas are here and digging up about half of our front yard. I know that summer time and construction go hand in hand, but it has been truly mind-boggling this year. Not only has our street been ripped up for sewer and water pipe replacement (for the third summer running, might I add) but most of our neighbours have embarked on some major home renovation or another this year. A new front porch being built next door, trees being cut down, a driveway ripped up and replaced two doors down, and a home across the street getting a complete backyard makeover complete with gazebo and some amazing landscaping. I'm all for improving the neighbourhood... but good gracious it's loud. The giant hole in the yard is especially ironic to me because just before the snow flew last fall the water pipes leading to our home were replaced - a project that involved tearing up the front and side yards almost to the foundation. This spring/early summer new sod was put down to cover the turned-up soil and after a few weeks of careful watering and overseeding the bald patches we finally had a lawn that was a pleasure to both look at and (for the kids) roll around on. And it's all gone... back to mountains of dirt and a hole with a man in a hard hat inside. I can't wait for autumn...

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