Saturday, August 15, 2009

Photo of the Day August 15th

Sophie and I grooving to Chuck Jackson singing the blues...

After enjoying a bit of a sleep-in this morning (I checked the clock when my little angel started calling and it was close to 9am!) we enjoyed a busy day today. After breakfast Sophie and I headed for the London Farmers Market for our weekend supply run, and after dropping her and our veggies off at home I took off for my friend Cheryl's place so we could enjoy lunch together. Three hours, a yummy Under the Volcano meal, lots of great conversation and several strawberry daiquiris later we went our separate ways very satisfied. After a quick pit stop at home to freshen up, my family and I grabbed our folding chairs and wagon and wandered down to the Wortley Road Jazz & Blues Festival. Not only did we enjoy the great music (our neighbourhood really does know how to throw a street party) but we enjoyed reconnecting with some old friends as well, as we were surprised by impromptu meetings with visual artist and Fringe friend Beth, book guru and all around super-cool chick Teresa, and naturopathic doctor and world traveler Pankaj. A great gathering over some sweet guitar riffs... what more could we possibly ask for from a Saturday evening?


  1. Boy Sophie sure is a camera kid. She is so aware of that lens pointed in her direction. No need to say, "Smile!" to her. I noticed that mommy and daughter are dressed in the same clothes. As Sophie gets older (toward teenagerdumb)that'll never happen. Enjoy it while you can.
    It's events like the WRJB fest make me miss London. Of course, I always miss you guys, everyday.

  2. Further irony: Chris was also wearing a black shirt... we looked like we were wearing family uniforms! And we miss you too... all the time.