Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo of the Day August 31st

Well, I'm taking the next step in my tenuous journey of growing some of our own vegetables and am trying to save and dry the seeds from some of our favourites for planting next year. Certainly a learning experience for me! I've chosen miniature Black Zebra tomatoes for my first try, and was surprised to discover it's not as simple as de-seeding the tomatoes and washing off the seeds before laying them out to dry. Apparently they need to be fermented for several days before you begin the drying process, or they cannot germinate once planted. Everything I've read warns me that this is not the most pleasant smelling process, so wish me luck that I can get past the "yuck" factor to follow it through...

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  1. After your question on my blog I went and researched the process and found out you are right, they do need to be fermented. Now I feel like an idiot, I've got pieces of paper all over the office with dried tomato innards on them! LOL. I hope these work out well for you.

    Maybe next year I'll be lazy and just plant a rotten tomato and see what happens. I mean, that's the way things originally worked in the world of vegetable gardening. :D I was initially so enthusiastic, but I just don't think I have the patience for seeds that require a lot of prep work. Maybe the winter depression is starting to set in early. :(