Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Photo of the Day August 11th

Our friend Rhys came over today, and Sophie's been having a blast showing him all of the toys she got for her birthday. We're going to have quite the mess to clean up, since in less than an hour they've pulled out and played with her MegaBloks Cinderella Castle, her Doctor's kit, the Playmobil Horse Dressage set that was our photo-of-the-day on August 7th, and now the Polly Pocket Splash Pad. Busy kids! I think before lunch we'll have to sing the "clean up" song about twenty times to get everything put away...


  1. I gotta tell you Summer that although I can't get to your blog everyday, I do love looking at the pictures and reading what you have to say. It keeps me in touch with you and your family and gives me a smile. Thanks. I notice that Sophie has a Hello Kitty T shirt and Rys has a big ape! Does that have to do with their personalities as well or just the fact that she's girl and he's a boy?


  2. Well if you want to bring personalities into it, they should really BOTH be wearing monkey shirts!!!

    Glad you like the blog... love that it keeps us connected across the miles.