Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photo of the Day March 10th

Chris and I purchased a "commemorative DVD" on the MSC cruise we took when I was pregnant with Sophie - it was this very silly collection of video shot of passengers around the ship combined with stock footage of the islands we visited. Although we've watched it several times since the trip we often laugh at the cheesy graphics and strange collection of ship-board events they included... although most of the on board events were kind of odd so I guess that couldn't be avoided. Instead of shelling out the $29.95 that RCI wanted for this trip's DVD, Chris decided to make a personalized version with a bunch of our cruise photos set to music... it's quite cute, and nice to see a "cruise in review" DVD that's full of things we actually saw and did. I'm looking forward to when Chris gets the chance to put together something similar for all the videos we took when we were away too!

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