Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photo of the Day March 28th

My little helper and I had quite a busy day in the kitchen today... we woke up early, and in between bouts of crafting (we made a train out of a cereal bar box, a toilet paper tube and cupcake papers) and the odd computer game, we made a lovely Greek-inspired meal. We started with making a marinade for two chicken breasts that I had butterflied, which you see Sophie working on here - she's using a wooden lemon reamer to juice a small lemon over a strainer. The marinade was simple and fragrant - lemon, olive oil, fresh garlic, white pepper, and dried oregano, and she took the lead on making the whole thing. After the chicken breasts had marinated for a few hours I stuffed them with kalamata olives and feta cheese and pinned them together with wooden toothpicks so they could be roasted in the oven along with our planned potato dish. The potatoes came out soft and rich thanks to the vegetable broth, olive oil, garlic and fresh thyme we cooked them in, and we brightened the whole meal up with a simple salad of chopped grape tomatoes, diced buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil. Spreading the work throughout the day made it both easier and more fun for both of us, and it was especially nice to have dinner ready to put on the table by shortly after 5pm so we could enjoy a leisurely meal as a family before Chris had to leave at 6:25pm for work.


  1. Your own little Julia Childs child.

  2. Second J.C. reference in a week... zowie! We are all foodies here, so it's a complement, that's for sure!