Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo of the Day March 19th

Sophie's suit hanging on the wardrobe is her cue that it's a swimming day

Today was a perfect March Break day for us... beautiful weather and a day full of fun events. I had promised Sophie I would take her swimming today, so after a nice pancake breakfast we headed to Goodlife to use the pool. We were treated to a surprise when we ran into one of the other moms from our neighbourhood, who's son is in Sophie's class - she was at the pool with her youngest son and we enjoyed a swim and a chat together. Sophie's doing ever better with her swimming - she's not to the point that she can swim on her own yet, but is relying less and less on flotation devices all the time - she can maneuver around the pool quite well with just a pool noodle for guidance. After swimming we whipped home for lunch and then Nanny and Aunt Laura came by to pick Sophie up for a drive to see a huge flock of swans that's landed just outside London... their road trip progressed somehow to a trip to the beach in Port Stanley and dinner at McDonalds, so Sophie got to enjoy just about all her favourite things in one day. She was also thrilled because by going out with Nanny and Aunt Laura Sophie missed grocery shopping day, which she wasn't looking forward to... going to the Farmer's Market on Saturdays is great fun, but spending an afternoon going from grocery store to grocery store isn't her idea of a good time (gee, wonder why?). So while she was off on her road trip I got us all stocked up on groceries without having to answer "Are we done yet? Can we just go home?" about four hundred times. Win win!

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  1. Abstract pic that could tell many stories... fun with this one. Sophie's. But she could have a bedtime ritual that started with a pic of her bathing suit and carried on into a fantasy world... thinking you might do something like that, sometime.
    xx p