Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Photo of the Day March 1st

One last look at the blue skies and palm trees before we're back to looking at snow and... well, more snow
Chris, Courtney and Sophie enjoy a final swim in the pool before getting ready to depart San Juan
Sophie enjoying every last minute of sun she can get...
We wore our bathing suites under our clothes when we went down for breakfast this morning so we could get right out to the pool with as little time wasted as possible this morning... the reality that we'll be home surrounded by snow is inspiring us to get every last second of sun and warmth that we can. After much swimming and lounging by the pool we checked on our flight and discovered that it had been delayed by two hours... it was expected to leave before three and was now set to depart at almost 5pm. We were lucky that the hotel agreed to let us stay for an extra couple of hours so we had time to grab some lunch without having to bring all our suitcases, and we headed for the airport around 2:15pm. Turns out we needn't have rushed, as our plane was further delayed until 6:30pm. That gave us plenty of time to fight with Delta Airlines about baggage fees (I came out victorious and didn't pay for our checked luggage), wait in a very long lineup to get through security, and then spend a few hours thinking of ways to keep Sophie entertained before trapping her on an airplane for 4+ hours. Thank goodness I had downloaded a few new movies and TV shows onto my netbook, because we were able to set her up with it and some earphones and she spent over an hour happily catching up with Blues Clues and the adventures of Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure - good foresight Mommy! The flight, when we finally got on it, was uneventful but I certainly won't be going out of my way to fly with Delta again... aside from my baggage issues, the plane we were on was very, very cramped and they didn't offer movies or earphones or anything to keep the masses entertained, so after such a long delay at the airport combined with the four hour flight passengers were getting pretty crusty. We arrived in Detroit, changed into our cold-weather clothing, grabbed our bags and headed for Canada, finally arriving home just after 2:30am. Long day of travelling = very sleepy vacationers.

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  1. hey summer,
    I feel like a peeper cuz I get to see pics of your family and know what you're up to. I don't know how you have so much energy!!!
    i'll email soon. thanks again for this link (that i found recently when cleaning out old emails).