Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photo of the Day March 8th

Rowan was with us today and when we walked down to the school to pick up Sophie he did something a bit out of character: he decided to go into the school yard to hang out with Sophie and her friends. Normally he stays with me, holding my hand and not moving from my side the whole time we're there, but perhaps with the number of times we've picked Sophie up he's starting to feel more comfortable and therefor adventurous. I know, the picture above may not look like that big an adventure, but it's all relative - I think his little bout of independence was pretty impressive.


  1. Oh Summer... thank you for posting a photo of snow. I was seeing Montreal's weather at above 0 for the last week. I want them to have a HUGE snow storm before I get back so it is there when I arrive and then melt the next day.

  2. LOL! I know - when we were away I heard about the huge snowstorm that hit London, and I can't say I felt that bad... the warm weather and sunny sky felt just that much better knowing that my sidewalk was buried under 2 extra feet of snow I didn't need to worry about.