Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photo(s) of the Day February 25th

The kids take to the Adventure's ice skating rink
Taking a tour of the ship is a great way to spend an at-sea day - what's out this window?
Chris basks in the excitement of seeing Charo in concert - LOL!
We spent the day at sea today – no island stops and plenty of time to explore the ship and all of the amenities it has to offer. When you’re presented with so very much to do, it’s almost hard to decide what to choose... but considering that (as mentioned in a previous post) the Adventure of the Seas is one of the very few ships with an on-board ice rink, we just had to take Sophie ice skating. What a surreal experience – to go from outside on deck where the sky is blue and the sun is shining to the indoor ice rink just a moment later. Sophie skated several laps with Courtney and Brandon and then impressed all of us by deciding that she wanted to skate on her own for a bit instead of holding one of her cousin’s hands – the first time she’s been brave enough to do so. Another “first” for our cruise!

Other vacation notes for today:

Last night when we returned to our cabin we found an invitation on our bed to a special luncheon hosted by the Captain and the Executive Chef, but no explanation of why we had been invited... naturally we were curious and decided to attend. It turns out that the Captain of the ship is Canadian, and that he hosts a lunch especially for the Canadian passengers during each sailing... it was quite a surprise when we sat down at our shared lunch table and discovered that our table mates were from London and Waterloo respectively!

The Charo mystery has been solved... in today’s Cruise Compass (the daily newsletter of the ship) it was announced that the cruise director was presenting a special one-night-only appearance by Charo at the Lyric Theatre tonight. It was quite the topic of conversation between Chris, Mary, Courteny and Brandon today... and presented a significant generation-gap, as both of the kids looked at us blankly while the adults tried to explain who Charo was. I think we lost them when we said that she was a sex symbol, and was about the age of their Grandmother... the whole thing became one big joke from that point on (hence the photo shown above). It didn’t stop Chris and I from attending the show that evening and cheering our hearts out though... in fact, in the afternoon we “accidentally” broke into her rehearsal after lunch and watched her “Coochie Coochie” her way through half a song before the Stage Manager kicked us out, and we ended the evening buy buying a signed CD of Charo’s flamenco guitar music as a souvenir. This is really the exact sort of thing that Chris and I thrive on... good, campy fun all around!

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