Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo(s) of the Day March 21st

Hay ride, here we come!

Sophie contemplating nature

We finished off March Break in truly Canadian fashion today with a trip to the Sugar Bush. I have many memories of trouping through the sugar maples as a child, and excitedly making our way to the rustic pancake house for a treat after some educational fun. We chose the Fanshawe Sugar Bush as our destination because while there are several of them close to London we're most familiar with it and knew for sure they would have a horse-drawn buggy ride, which is a huge draw for Sophie. Since it was our only real event planned for the day we took our time and did much of the official tour twice... we enjoyed the buggy ride four times actually, twice before hitting the pancake house and twice after. It was a great little trip, delicious and educational... it was so nice to be outside walking through the woods as a family that we were inspired to continue our walk out at the Fanshawe Conservation Area. It's a beautiful day to be outdoors - we even fired up the barbecue and grilled burgers for dinner to really complete our outside-inspired day. Perfect.

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  1. Well if you remember doing it as a child, Sophie sure will to when she has her own little munchkins running around. Sounds like a perfect day.