Thursday, March 4, 2010

Photo of the Day March 3rd

Happy Birthday Grandma Jones!

We're slowly working our way through the unpacking process, with Chris taking the lead (God bless him) on the mountain of laundry that just keeps spilling out of our suitcases. If you can overlook the laundry aspect of unpacking it's actually kind of fun - we keep finding little treasures tucked in amongst the clothing... crafts that Sophie did in the Adventure Ocean program, a Dutch candy dish from Curacao, spices from several of our island stops, a wooden honey pot from Dominica, a silly light-up glass from the "drink of the day" I ordered one evening, the matching Mommy-Daughter bracelets we bought as a special reminder of Sophie's first cruise, and a couple bottles of rum. Actually, sampling a bit of that rum also takes the edge off the unpacking process... now all we need is to play some Caribbean music and we can complete the vacation flashback!

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