Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photo of the Day March 26th

Sophie's first baby tooth to fall out
Oh my goodness, as if I didn't have enough proof that my little girl is growing up - Sophie lost her first baby tooth today!!! She's had mixed emotions about the entire process... now that it's fallen out she's pretty proud of it, but leading up to loosing the tooth was an emotional roller coaster. She was scared at first, saying "I think there's something wrong with me" - we did our best to reassure her and talk about how it was a sign of getting bigger, growing up, that we were proud of her, etc. but she still seemed uncomfortable with it. When I wanted to check the tooth to see how wobbly it was half the time she wouldn't let me - she'd cover her mouth and run away. And getting her interested in showing off her wobbly tooth to other people was a complete miss - she took off the moment I suggested it. Then just a few nights ago she started crying at the supper table when I asked her about her tooth, saying "I don't want to get bigger... I want to stay just the way I am" - it broke my heart. We had a big long conversation about how no matter how she changes and grows she'll always be our little girl, and that we'll love her no matter what. Chris read her the Robert Munsch classic I'll Love You Forever as a bedtime story that night to help reinforce the point. Now that the tooth is out and the Tooth Fairy is reportedly on her way, Sophie's feeling much better about the whole thing. It's interesting to see how children handle situations like these differently - she didn't react the way I think most kids do, always in a rush to grow up and get bigger. I'm okay with however she needs to deal with the anxiety and stress of growing up, as long as she keeps coming to me with those fears... after all, "as long as I'm living my baby she'll be."

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  1. What?!!!!! You mean I HAVE TO grow up someday!!!
    Nobody told me that.
    This was a very sweet blog.