Thursday, March 25, 2010

Photo of the Day March 25th

I finished up a typically busy day doing something new, which I thought would be both good for me and partially relaxing. Har har har. After doing some work at the school, driving Chris to work, taking Sophie and one of her friends to the Children's Museum, racing home to make dinner and then picking Chris up from work, I took my first-ever Bikram Yoga class. Check that, I took my first ever yoga class period, which happened to be Bikram Yoga. For those that may not have heard of it, it's more commonly known as "hot yoga", it involves a series of 26 traditional yoga moves done in a special studio that's heated to 105 degrees and extremely humid - it's like doing a work out in a sauna. I knew I was in for it when I was required to sign a waiver to participate, and when the instructors opening remarks included what to do if you feel lightheaded, nauseous, or like you're going to pass out - all common side effects of doing this class. I stuck it out anyway, although there were times throughout when I needed to take breaks and just suck back some water to combat the lightheadedness and try to calm the sound of the blood banging in my ears. By the time I was done I was moving very cautiously, not only because I had stretched, twisted and pulled myself into a stupor, but because I wasn't sure if moving from the 105 degree heat and extreme humidity of the yoga room into the regularly air conditioned gym might give me a heart attack. No harm done - I both survived and remained conscious, although I looked like I'd just stumbled out of the desert after being lost for a few days (to paraphrase Chris upon seeing me - "Woah... *clears throat*... wow. So, um, how are you?")
Lesson #1: I know the very basics of yoga (as in, I've seen both the warrior pose and downward dog) but putting them together with 20+ other moves I do not know in quick succession while being barraged by heat and humidity... not so much fun. Lesson #2: my body has sweat glands where I didn't even realize they existed. Did you know that sweat can bubble up from places like your wrists and the backs of your hand? Not trickling down to these places mind you, but actually rising up out of the skin. I've seen it - it's odd. Lesson #3: I need to be in better shape before I try this again. Perhaps take a beginners yoga class. Actually know what the sun salutation is before I'm trying to do it six times in quick succession in that kind of heat.
At the end of the day I'm glad I did it - as I've often said, I'll try almost anything once... but Hot Yoga may end up being a one-shot-deal - stay tuned.

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  1. It seems to my that Hot Yoga must have started out when the AC at a California gym broke and the owner was quick to come up with an excuse to still have the class. It sounds lethal to me. But way to go Summer for sticking it out.
    I laughed at your description of what Chris said when he saw you.