Thursday, March 25, 2010

Photo of the Day March 24th

As mentioned in an earlier post, we took a family trip to the Fanshawe sugar bush over March Break, which set Sophie up quite nicely for today's school field trip to a different sugar bush north of London. She was so excited to ride the big yellow school bus with her friends, and I was regretting that I couldn't go with the group as a parent chaperone - watching the bus pull away without me made me a bit sad! She returned home with a critique of the trip (she didn't like the Jaffa sugar bush as much as Fanshawe), a maple sucker, and a new colouring book that tells the story of how maple sap is gathered and turned into maple syrup. Here she is, doing some mapley colouring shortly before her pancake lunch, which was another issue she had with the trip. Apparently she got one very small, very unsatisfying pancake at the end of the tour, so between that and the fact that this sugar bush did not offer a horse-drawn wagon ride she was most unimpressed. Thank goodness mommy has maple syrup in the fridge and can whip up pancakes on a moments notice!


  1. Oh my, I see a critic in the making here. Your little Julia Childs child will be the next food and entertainment critic for Vanity Fair.

  2. Sweet! She can hook us up with all the best restaurants - sounds good to me!