Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo of the Day March 20th

Georgie inspects our take from the Farmer's Market

It looks like our warm weather is behind us... we had such a lovely few days there, breaking temperature records and everything. I wore my flip flops outside when I took Sophie to the park - life was good. Today we're back in our winter coats and boots and we'll be lucky if it cracks 2 degrees in the sunshine... the cruel reality of springtime in Canada. As usual we went to the market this morning for fresh veggies, meats and our favourite tortillas - I'm disappointed that we're not seeing our preferred veggie farmers there lately though. We've been shopping for veggies from the Joyce family since we first began going to the Western Fair Farmer's Market, and they've not been there since shortly after Christmas. We knew they were going away on an extended family vacation somewhere warm (three generations, it was going to be lovely) but thought certainly they'd be back by now. Perhaps they loved the tropical weather so much they decided to leave tomato growing behind and start a new life as beach bums? I don't know, but we miss them... perhaps I could be persuaded to buy tropical fruit from them instead of tomatoes, if we could afford the flights!

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  1. great pic summer. As usual, I love that your blog is telling a big story, one piece at a time.
    xx patti