Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo of the Day March 22nd

Mary Jane helps adjust my little Jedi's helmet during after-lunch play time

Bouncing around, running left and right today... in the midst of the chaos I enjoyed lunch at my School Council Co-Chairs home so we could prepare for tonight's Council meeting - it was a great opportunity for us to connect face to face while our children entertained each other. We got done what we needed to and enjoyed some uninterrupted conversation as well - it was a nice quiet pocket in the otherwise busy day. School Council meeting, coffee with my friend Valeeta, grocery shopping and more rounded out my day, and a good solid night of sleep followed. I think part of the reason the day felt so busy was that we had settled into the lovely lack of routine that March Break offered, and today was the first day back at school... I'm sure in a few days we'll be back to the old routines without any problem, but for now I'm just glad the day is done.

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