Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo of the Day March 18th

Rowan was with us today and we had several bouts of creativity throughout the afternoon. Sophie's big on drawing - loves to use her markers so much in fact that they're all pretty much worn out. Today I discovered that I have some vibrant and still-juicy flip chart markers tucked away in one of my craft boxes, probably from my previous job as a Corporate Trainer where flip chars were a large part of my daily life. A celebration by the kids ensued - they can colour with markers again instead of being relegated to those boring crayons and pencil crayons! Now that art time is done however, I'm reminded that flip chart markers are not washable... which means that my dining room table will wear the evidence of their colouring for a while, and Rowan may return home with much more festive looking hands than when he arrived today!

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