Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo of the Day March 13th

I wonder if I could get him to sweep the dining room if I tossed him the broom and yelled "hurry hard!"?
Chris went to St. Mary's to go curling this evening with a bunch of his coworkers, and had a blast. Two members of the group are experienced curlers and the rest are somewhere between novice-level and "what's that big puck thing?"... Chris has curled once before and enjoyed it, so he and his buddies had a great time figuring out how to make the rock go where they wanted while not falling over. There were reports of several curling injuries, including Chris's quite bruised knee from his gripper leg hitting the ice too hard while delivering the rock, but it won't stop him - he's already started looking up curling club memberships for next year.
On another note, I had my first wine tasting for Luma events today! I was scheduled to run tastings for [yellowtail], offering samples of both their Chardonnay and Shiraz, and once I overcame a couple of minor challenges at setup everything went quite well. Apparently the LCBO had the 750ml size of the [yellowtail] Chardonnay on sale and as a result the location I was running the tasting at had sold out. I decided to put the 750ml of the Shiraz and the large size (1.5L) of the Chardonnay on the bar - and after sampling the wine customers purchased about 6 of each, so I suppose it worked out. I would be curious to know how the numbers would have changed if I had the 750ml available in the Chardonnay though. I'll be very interested to see how my next tasting goes since it's scheduled for later in the day - 11:30am is a bit early for most people to want to sample wine I think... I didn't get many positive responses until well after noon. Clientèle at the LCBO I was at seemed to be a roughly 65/35 mix of the 55+ crowd and college students, one of whom asked me if you "shoot" wine or not... it made for several interesting conversations!

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  1. Glad Chris is enjoying curling. It always looks so interesting when you watch the Olympics.

    Re the customer who asked if you "shoot' wine, perhaps a response if you wish to get fired would be, No, but we do shoot people who ask that.