Monday, December 14, 2009

Photo of the Day December 10

Today I finished my last big push for Christmas shopping, and boy does it feel good to have it (pretty much) done! My friend Cheryl and I had planned to drive to Port Huron this afternoon to do some shopping, but the blowing snow and accident reports convinced us to spend our time closer to home. Although I like our occasional cross-border trips, it was awfully nice to know that when our shopping was done we could be home and in our PJ's within a half an hour instead of two hours later! When I got home I noticed a new bit of art work hanging on the fridge - the result of some time spent doing drawings with Dad while I was out shopping I imagine. Like most proud parents, our fridge is a rotating gallery of Sophie's artwork, drawings and craft projects... it's always fun for me to see something new show up from my little artist.

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