Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo of the Day December 12th

Spent the morning in Wortley Village, picking up an order that had arrived at Home Hardware and running a School Council meeting over coffee at the Little Red Roaster. I love living so close to the Village, with it's charming atmosphere and plethora of little stores and service providers... it's wonderful to just step out the door and into what feels like a small town within our city. After lunch we took Sophie to the Little Gym for her dance & gymnastics class and watched her practice her "shuffle-heel-toe" tap routine, do an arabesque or two, and work hard to overcome some of her fears in the gym (walking on the balance beam, jumping off the higher mats to the floor, etc.) She's working hard, getting lots of exercise, practicing her gross-motor skills, gaining confidence and as you can see by the look on her face here, having so much fun! I'm so glad we're able to have her in these classes, and we're looking forward to seeing what she accomplishes in the next semester which begins in February (big thanks Dad for helping make that happen!!!)

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