Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo of the Day December 15th

What a wonderful, seasonal evening we had tonight! One of the holiday traditions that I absolutely love is going down to Victoria Park to look at the Christmas lights and decorations. They do such a beautiful job, decorating dozens of huge trees with lights, installing large ornamental displays, and pouring an ice skating rink for families to enjoy. It's a truly magical place, especially for children. We went down to the park tonight for a very chilly walk, enjoying all the lights and displays, watching the skaters (one of whom was in shorts - crazy man!) and just generally running around in the snow. I brought travel mugs full of hot chocolate and tea which helped us retain our body heat a bit, but we were still frozen by the time we trundled back to the car and off on part two of our holiday lights tour: going out to see the "Christmas House" on Saskatoon Street. This home is truly something to behold - a single house with enough lights, decorations and anamatronic displays to decorate an entire neighbourhood. We go every year to see what they've done, and after seeing the house this year Sophie said that when we move (which I didn't realize we were planning to do, but anyway...) we should decorate our new house just like that one. Actually, that's the second or third time in the past little while that Sophie's mentioned us moving to a new house... I wonder what she knows that we don't?

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  1. Santa's looking a little stiff! But then, who wouldn't if you had to sit there day in and day out no matter the weather.