Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo of the Day December 11th

Although today wasn't a Saturday, it felt like it in terms of how busy it was... I couldn't wait to come home and collapse in front of the Christmas tree with a glass of wine. I had an appointment with my friend and hairdresser Erin this morning, always a nice experience where I leave not only having had a great conversation but feeling pretty darned good about how I look too. From there it was picking up Sophie from school, going to the gym, stopping at the grocery store, making dinner and doing several errands with Chris's sister Laura. Anyone not living in London Ontario may not know this, but our public transit system has been on strike for almost a month now... as a city that supports both a college and a university, sprawls out into many outlying subdivisions and has annexed several nearby small towns like Byron and Hyde Park, loosing bus service has been devastating to many. We're lucky to have a car, but I very clearly remember my many years of using public transportation and we've been trying to help out when we can... especially with Laura, who relies on the bus exclusively to get to and from her university classes. So, my own personal bus service done for the day and Sophie drifting off to dream land - my Christmas tree is calling! Good night all...

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